Senior Project Manager

My role as a senior project manager, I have had an independent role, and travelling together with Alan Lucien Øyen for networking meetings. During production, we have worked as a team in the company. My duties included tour coordination, production coordination, internationalization, external contacts and communication responsibility with partners and our own team, logistics, application for tour grants, shared contract responsibility, tour budget responsibility.

The company works with dance, theatre and film; separately and in combination. The latest production, "The American Moth", consisted of both stage production and a feature film. During the production, the pandemic presented many challenges, demanding laboursome administration and logistics to be able to get an international team in place in Norway, navigating through varying levels of restrictions. 

winter guests is an international touring company performing works by Alan Lucien Øyen. They uniquely create a range of pure theater works, dance works and hybrid pieces – all layered with a cinematic overtone enriched by stunning singular scenography. The works are based on real life experiences, sourcing material from interactions with strangers, personal anecdotes, and pop culture references – always incorporating the performers and the rehearsal process in the shaping of the final narrative.

Alan Lucien Øyen is one of the most exciting artists in the international dance scene today, whose work has been performed by companies around the world. As a choreographer, writer and director, he can best be described as a unique storyteller, always in pursuit of a sincere and human expression. With an emotional and dramatic drive, Øyen ambitiously combines music, movement, opera, theatre and dance. His complex and technically challenging choreographic language is informed by the world around him which allows him to draw inspiration from a myriad of sources including popular culture as well as personal conversations and experiences.  Øyen was trained as a dancer at the State School of Art in Oslo and danced with The Norwegian National Contemporary, and Amanda Miller’s Pretty Ugly Dance Company in Cologne.