My role included mentoring the newly established artists in the programme,  individually following up the development of their artistic practice, and finding external mentors especially suitable for their specific practice. I coordinated the production of works, the performances during the TekstLab Festival, documentation and future planning. In addition, I conducted workshops and courses on how to establish yourself as an artist, and organised courses with external experts.

TekstLab Inkubator
is an individually designed talent programme for selected newly established artists, where they can develop their artistic practice, network and competence in order to become strong voices and agents in the independent arts field. TekstLab was established in 2008 by Shanti Brahmachari and is an interdisciplinary development and competence arena for creative art processes, promoting a more diverse art- and culture scene through providing opportunities for children, young people and artists to express themselves on their own terms in the arts and society.