My role as a consultant for Innovation Norway Arctic Competence Programme for performing artists in Troms and Finnmark was an advisory role; focusing on proficiency development, and being a sparring partner with the participants on strategic planning and international networking.
Alongside Sigrid Aakvik, DK, I was one of two internationals performing arts recourses in the committee, who together with the project initiator (Innovation Norway, Andreas Sjøvoll) and the project leader (Maria Utsi), work to strengthen producer knowledge directed towards an international performing arts scene. The committee also includes representatives from Dansearena Nord and Performing Arts Hub Norway.

Innovation Norway Artic
competence program for performing artists in Troms and Finnmark!
Support for establishing or running performing arts businesses in Troms, Finnmark and Svalbard. They offer financing, strategic consulting and a range of services enabling entrepreneurs to strengthen their company structure, or invest internationally.