Choreographer, Dancer

I Vesterled
A trapped lighthouse keeper, two lost fisher women, a living secret on the bottom of the ocean. They have all forgotten, but when a group of children visits, their memory returns.

“I Vesterled” is an interactive adventure for children the age of 8-11 yrs old, in the bounders between three art forms. The audience utilise all their senses in this promenade performance, which is tied together by the distinctive music of Faroese composer Jens L. Thomsen.

“I Vesterled” is a collaborative project between dance artists Annika Ostwald and Ida Uvaas, actress Hilde Bjerkeskaug and storyteller Torgrim Mellum Stene, instigated from the old Greenland legend about Sedna, mother of the Ocean. The audience embark on an intriguing adventure on, over and under the ocean surface.

Idea, concept, choreography, directing, scenography and costume:
Annika Ostwald, Hilde Bjerkeskaug, Ida Uvaas, Torgrim Mellum Stene
Composer: Jens L. Thomsen
Tour producer: Annika Ostwald.

Research residens at: CODA space Dansehallerne Copenhagen and Nordic House, Faroe Islands