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My role with the performances ”IONA” and ”Just another Sámi” was production co-ordination and tour management: Planning, economy, contracting. Shared responsibility for tour funding applications.

Håkon Mathias Vassvik works as a freelance actor, director and playwright. He runs the company Koie together with architect Anastasia Glukhova. He has participated in a number of Verk Productions' performances and together with Verk he has received the Hedda Award for Performance of the Year twice, in 2011 and 2013. Educated as an actor at the Academy of Performing Arts in Fredrikstad in 2004. Currently a member of the Cultural Council's Performing Arts Committee.

Ferske Scener creates context-specific performances in the intersection between text and relational performances. Ferske Scener was established in 2004. Our work is based on new texts. We create performances that thrill, challenge, ask questions and entertain the audience. We are interested in provocation as well as laughter.
Ferske Scener has co-produced both performances “IONA” and “Just another Sámi”  with Håkon Mathias Vassvik.