I work as a dance- and theatre producer and project manager in the performing arts field. After I studied in Hong Kong, Nottingham and London, I started working internationally, which I have done now for more than a decade. This has given me a unique network and experience of many houses, including The Norwegian Opera House, The Harbourfront Centrer in Toronto, Theâtre National de Chaillot in Paris, Dansens Hus in Oslo, to name a few. I lived in Norway for thirteen years and worked with several leading choreographers, such as Alan Lucien Øyen and his company winter guests. In addition, I worked as a mentor and senior advisor. Since 2018, my base is in Gothenburg, Sweden.

My work often entails relationship building. The assignment can be to create links and collaborations between companies, institutions and festivals in different parts of the world, in smaller constellations as well as at larger international performing arts expos I also work directly with production, planning, contracting, economy & budgeting, communication, coordinating and longer tours. I am a problem solver who likes to work hands on.

My experience of working both inside, as an artist / dancer, and outside, as a producer, enables me to see the whole picture and at the same time taking care of those who are in the picture, the individuals. I keep track of the overall project and at the same time support the employees in their functions, in order for themto perform their best.

For me, it is important to:
  • Build relationships
  • Think big
  • Work hard and long term
  • Be curious and open
  • Have fun!