IONA by Koie + Ferske Scener

Running away may look like an adequate solution when the world seems threatening, and speaking out seems futile. This is what Iona, the reluctant prophet chooses; but once down in the belly of the Leviathan, his decision does not feel quite right.

From a deep-sea perspective, this performance looks at the power struggle over the ocean resources of the High North. In a time when the world of science and the reality of politics seem to be torn apart, we are searching for ways to see ourselves and our time, in order to keep our chin up.

We are exploring a space to cleanse ourselves, and make ready for what is to come. A place where we are chosen, like Iona was, because we know we are caught between the decisions of the past and the tragedies of the future.

IONA is a collaboration between the newly founded company Koie and Ferske Scener.
IONA is developed in collaboration with Arctic Arts Festival

Text and direction : Håkon Mathias Vassvik
Performers: Bernt Bjørn Sulekha Ali Omar Karl Flyman
Scenography: Anastasia Glukhova
Dramaturge: Kristin Bjørn
Sound design: Amund Sjølie Sveen
Light design: Tobias Leira
Costume: Anastasia Glukhova
Video: Andreas Daugstad Leonardsen and Anastasia Glukhova
Video technician: Tobias Leira
Producer: Annika Ostwald
Trailer & Photo: Tale Hendnes

Supported by: Arts Council Norway, The Audio and Visual Fund, Fund for Performing Artists, The Norwegian Centre for New Playwriting (NCNP), Riksteatret and Arctic Arts Festival.